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Tools: Lead Working

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Brass Lead BrushLead & Light   Brass Lead Brush

CementHodgson   Cement

Cement BrushLead & Light   Cement Brush
Large £2.90

Glazing HammerLead & Light   Glazing Hammer

Glazing PuttyHodgsons   Glazing Putty

Horse Shoe NailsLead & Light   Horse Shoe Nails

Lead FidLead & Light   Lead Fid

Lead KnifeLead & Light   Lead Knife

Lead Knife #2Cascade Lead Products   Lead Knife #2

Lead Stop BlocksLead & Light   Lead Stop Blocks
25 per pack £4.90

Lead Vice/Lead & Light   Lead Vice/

Oyster KnifeLead & Light   Oyster Knife

Polishing BrushLead & Light   Polishing Brush

Stovax Grate PolishStovax   Stovax Grate Polish
Currently not available, please telephone.

Tallow CandleLead & Light   Tallow Candle

WhitingLead & Light   Whiting
.25 kg £0.85