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Fusing Accessories: Confetti / Spectrum 96

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Blue GreenUroboros   Blue Green
Blue Green Confetti £4.80

Burgundy (Striker)Uroboros   Burgundy (Striker)
Burgundy (Strikes) Confetti £4.80

Chesnut OpalUroboros   Chesnut Opal
Chesnut Opal Confetti £4.80

Cobalt BlueUroboros   Cobalt Blue
Cobalt Blue Confetti £4.00

Flame OpalUroboros   Flame Opal
Flame Opal Confetti £4.80

Forest GreenUroboros   Forest Green
Forest Green Confetti £4.80

Gold PinkUroboros   Gold Pink
Gold Pink Confetti £5.40

Lemon Yellow OpalUroboros   Lemon Yellow Opal
Lemon Yellow Opal Confetti £4.80

MixUroboros   Mix
Mixed Confetti £4.90

Plum OpalUroboros   Plum Opal
Plum Opal Confetti £4.80

PurpleUroboros   Purple
Purple Confetti £4.80

White OpalUroboros   White Opal
White Opal Confetti £4.80

Yellow GreenUroboros   Yellow Green
Yellow Green Confetti £4.80