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Lamp Fittings Etc.: Lamp Fittings

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Brass Ceiling PlateLead & Light   Brass Ceiling Plate

Brass Hook and NutLead & Light   Brass Hook and Nut

Brass Lamp HolderLead & Light   Brass Lamp Holder

Brass Loop with 10mm Thread & NutLead & Light   Brass Loop with 10mm Thread & Nut

Brass Plated Lamp ChainLead & Light   Brass Plated Lamp Chain

HarpsLead & Light   Harps

Lamp Flex and SwitchLead & Light   Lamp Flex and Switch

Lamp Holder with HookLead & Light   Lamp Holder with Hook

Lamp Holder with LoopLead & Light   Lamp Holder with Loop

Vase CapsLead & Light   Vase Caps

Wall Light MountLead & Light   Wall Light Mount