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Glass Accessories: Bevels & Clusters

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Cluster Bevels BCD12Lead and Light   Cluster Bevels BCD12
219mm x 150mm (4 piece) £3.90

Cluster Bevels BCD13Lead and Light   Cluster Bevels BCD13
178m178mm x 116mm (3 piece)m x £2.90

Cluster Bevels BCD7Lead and Light   Cluster Bevels BCD7
185mm x 127mm (3 piece) £2.90

Clusters Bevels CBCD6Lead & Light   Clusters Bevels CBCD6
204mm x 115mm (4piece) £3.90

Diamond BevelsLead & Light   Diamond Bevels

Oval BevelsLead & Light   Oval Bevels

Rectangular BevelsLead & Light   Rectangular Bevels

Round BevelsLead & Light   Round Bevels

Square BevelsLead & Light   Square Bevels

Star BevelsLead & Light   Star Bevels

Triangle BevelsLead & Light   Triangle Bevels