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Lead Came & Metal: Metal Channel etc.

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Brass Tube HingeLead & Light   Brass Tube Hinge

Heavy Gauge Copper Tie WireLead & Light   Heavy Gauge Copper Tie Wire
1 meter £1.40

Nickel ChainLead & Light   Nickel Chain
1 meter Out of Stock £1.95

Picture WireLead & Light   Picture Wire

Steel InsertLead & Light   Steel Insert

Steel Reinforcing BarLead & Light   Steel Reinforcing Bar

Tin PlateLead & Light   Tin Plate
23 x 25 mm £1.40

Tin ULead & Light   Tin U
2mtr £2.90

Tinned WireLead & Light   Tinned Wire

Tinned Wire 1.6mmLead & Light   Tinned Wire 1.6mm

Zinc 6mm H SectionLead & Light   Zinc 6mm H Section

Zinc EdgingLead & Light   Zinc Edging