Kristall 2000S


  Kristall 2000S

These German glass grinders are quiet running, powerful machines available with an extensive range of cutting heads.

The Kristall 2000S is the top of the range and is supplied with a
motor 40% larger than the One and has a internal pump that delivers
water to the diamond grinding head.

All grinders are supplied with a standard 19mm grinding head and splash back. . Remember Vat @ 20% is included in all our prices.

DELIVERY SPECIAL . Purchase any glass grinder on line and select either 1/2 price delivery (4.45)) or a Standard 19mm diamond head less 50%. (13.00 reduced to 6.95)

Write a note in the message telling us which cost saving option you prefer.

Please note that the face shield and second story worktop shown in the picture are not included or available at present.