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Cherry Red Rough RolledSpectrum   Cherry Red Rough Rolled

Clear BaroqueSpectrum   Clear Baroque
205 x 305 mm £5.90

Clear Double GluechipLead and Light   Clear Double Gluechip
205 x 305 £1.30

Clear Reamy SlabLead & Light   Clear Reamy Slab
20 x 30 cm £5.20

Clear RippleSpectrum   Clear Ripple
205 x 305 £4.20

Clear SeedySpectrum   Clear Seedy
205 x 305 £3.60

Clear sparkleLead and Light   Clear sparkle
205 x 305 out of stock £0.00

Clear Water GlassSpectrum   Clear Water Glass
Currently not available, please telephone.

Dark amber/ white transluscentSpectrum   Dark amber/ white transluscent
203x305mm £4.90

Dark Green RippleWissmach   Dark Green Ripple
203x305mm £3.60

Dark Green TransparentLead and Light   Dark Green Transparent
Currently not available, please telephone.

Dense White OpalSpectrum   Dense White Opal
Currently not available, please telephone.

English Muffle/ Salvation JaneWissmach   English Muffle/ Salvation Jane
203 x 305mm £4.40

Gray OpalSpectrum   Gray Opal
203 x 305 mm Out of stock £0.00

Honey TransluscentSpectrum   Honey Transluscent
203 x 305 mm £3.90

Large HammerSpectrum   Large Hammer
20 x 30 cm £3.60

Light Amber SparkleWissmach   Light Amber Sparkle
203x305mm £0.00

Med Amber HammeredWissmach   Med Amber Hammered
203x305mm £3.60

Olive Green TransparentLead and Light   Olive Green Transparent
20 x 30cm £0.00

Ruby Red Rough RolledSpectrum   Ruby Red Rough Rolled
205 x 305 mm £7.60

Satin SeedySpectrum   Satin Seedy
203x305mm £3.80

Sky blue streaky opalLead & Light   Sky blue streaky opal
192 x 280mm £1.95

Swirl White Spectrum   Swirl White
Currently not available, please telephone.

Wispy WhiteSpectrum   Wispy White

Yellow streaky on clearLead & Light   Yellow streaky on clear
Currently not available, please telephone.