Tools: Glass Cutting

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China Brass Handle CutterChina   China Brass Handle Cutter

China Comfort CutterChina   China Comfort Cutter

China Pen Cutter with Ball EndChina   China Pen Cutter with Ball End
Clear Handle with Ball End £6.90

China Pen Cutter/ Special Offer!China   China Pen Cutter/ Special Offer!
Clear Plastic Handle out off s £0.00

China Pistol Grip CutterLead & Light   China Pistol Grip Cutter

China Replacement HeadChina   China Replacement Head

Circle CutterGlastar   Circle Cutter
Circle cutter. £46.90

Cutting OilLead & Light   Cutting Oil
120ml £2.70

Glass Cutter/yellowLead & Light   Glass Cutter/yellow

K Star Oil CutterK Star   K Star Oil Cutter

K Star Pistol Grip CutterK Star   K Star Pistol Grip Cutter

K Star Replacement HeadK Star   K Star Replacement Head

Mosaic CutterLead & Light   Mosaic Cutter

Non Slip T-SquareLead & Light   Non Slip T-Square